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What is up with the elder-flower or berry? It is surfacing every were.. any one out there? I need eduction...Please

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I went Googling and found www.elderberrywine.net.  It seems like a pretty informed site, though I've not gone through the whole thing...

more soon...

I had St. Germain Liqueur, made from elderflower blossoms, combined with Champagne, a year ago and it was fabulous....here's a site to meander through:


Elderberry bushes can be found across the US in California, Wisconsin, Idaho, Massachusetts, Georgia and Alabama to name a few states. However, I am not sure if any US vintners produce liqueurs.

"Mother Earth News" reports the following:

"When you go out hunting elderberries, seek the blue variety (Sambucus canadensis) and not the red (Sambucus pubens) ... the latter are distasteful and in some areas even poisonous. Don't worry about confusing the two, though, for they look quite different. The toxic plant produces bright-red fruit in dome-shaped bunches, while its edible cousin bears a flat cluster of rich-blue to purple-black berries with a whitish, "dusted" surface appearance. The riper the pickings, the more frosted they become. In fact-when fully ripe-these wild delights look very much as if Mother Nature had dipped them in powdered sugar."

Edited Mon, Sep 1, 2008 2:54 PM

You know, I've recently had Elder-flower/berry wine for the second time - the first time being with you and Jimmy and champagne.  Our second experience was at a recent Grand Cru Nashville tasting as a blend with a dry cava...

By itself, Elderberry wine is that 'way sweet', syrupy apertife you can serve warm or chilled.  But, the real fun of this nectar allows you to become your own wine maker creating you own Cuvee...  the wine, alone, is enjoyable - in moderation.  But, what an appeal as that special additive or sweeter something of distinction.

Glad you brought this up - quite the tasty discusssion!


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